Is share and stock market same?(with 6 Qs-Ans)

The share and stock market are two different things. They are both important but they have different roles in our financial life.

There is a lot of confusion about Is share and stock market same. They are both important to our financial life, but they have different roles in our financial life.

The share market is where shares are traded. Companies sell their shares on this platform in order to raise capital for their business or for their expansion plans. Investors buy these shares knowing that if the company grows, then so will its value; thus, they can sell at higher prices than when they first bought them (and make a profit).

What is share ?

A share is a part of the company you buy. It gives you ownership in that firm, so it’s like having an interest in that business and helping make decisions about how it operates.

You can sell your shares back to the company or trade them for cash on the open market (through brokers). Most companies will give you free shares when they start up, but if they raise money from investors after being established then those new investors may decide not to take all their stock at once—so some of them may be given less than 100% of their initial investment amount!

What is stock?

A security that represents ownership in a company as well as stock that only traded privately. It has value, can be bought and sold at any time, and the price of the stock fluctuates with the market.

People think stock market is gambling but it’s not true, it’s all about knowledge and how much you understand the stocks.

types of stocks

These are the main types of stocks that you need to be aware of.

1. Large-cap stocks
2. Mid- cap stocks
3. Small-cap stocks
4. Growth stocks
5. Value stocks
6. IPO stocks
7. Dividend stocks
8. Non-dividend stocks
9. Blue chip stocks
10. Penny stocks

How to buy shares?

You can buy shares from a stockbroker, who is a person who buys and sells stocks for you. He will charge you a commission fee at the time of purchase.

You can also buy shares via bank account by using your bank’s Internet banking facility or ATM card. This method is very easy because it doesn’t require any paperwork or signatures; all that’s required is an initial deposit of money into your bank account (which may take up to three days), followed by subsequent deposits whenever you need more funds to purchase more shares in company XYZ Limited (wherever they are). The maximum amount allowed per transaction varies according to different banks but usually stands at Rs 10 million per day!

If neither option suits your needs then there are other ways too: For example, if someone wanted me as their agent then I would charge them standard commission rates applicable across all types of investments such as mutual funds/mutual fund units etc., which includes fees charged by intermediaries like brokerage firms along with exchange commission fees levied by exchanges themselves.”

List of well doing companies

SrCompanyLast PriceChange% ChgInvestments% of Total
1LIC India604.503.300.553,926,044.2737,717.31
3HDFC Bank1,674.555.850.35455,535.6924.00
6Union Bank72.750.500.69348,507.3931.60
7Bank of Baroda171.151.600.94315,795.3926.69
8ICICI Bank871.500.700.08310,241.0024.29
9Canara Bank297.752.050.69282,012.9024.50
10Axis Bank870.652.850.33275,597.2026.36
11ICICI Prudentia434.95-3.60-0.82238,107.782,297.65
12HDFC Life517.75-1.10-0.21204,170.421,269.25
13Indian Bank289.250.800.28174,558.5927.53
14Bank of India78.750.600.77174,448.4125.97
15Central Bank27.00-0.05-0.18140,786.9539.31

What is BSE and NSE?

Is share and stock market same?

The stock market is the world’s largest financial market, where companies and investors trade shares. There are two main stock exchanges in India: BSE and NSE. Both of these exchanges have their own regulations, which can be confusing if you are new to the world of investing. In this article we will discuss how companies get listed on these exchanges so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in them!

What is BSE?

BSE is the Bombay Stock Exchange, which was established in 1875. It is India’s largest and oldest stock exchange. It also operates a second exchange at Ahmedabad called MCX and a third at Kolkata as Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE).

BSE has a market capitalization of $11 billion, making it the 6th largest bourse in Asia Pacific by market capitalization.

What is NSE?

National Stock Exchange of India Limited is one of the leading stock exchanges in India, based in Mumbai. It is the world’s largest derivatives exchange by number of contracts traded and the fourth largest in cash equities by number of trades for the calendar year 2021.

Top companies in India market Capitalisation-NSE

Company NameLast Price% Change52 wk High52 wk LowMarket Cap (Rs. cr)
HDFC Bank1,650.75-0.341,722.101,271.60920,823.25
ICICI Bank859.00-0.38958.20642.15599,651.37
Bharti Airtel786.151.25860.55628.75445,813.29
Bajaj Finance6,413.10-0.207,778.005,220.00388,267.82
LIC India599.00-0.54949.00582.35378,867.36
Kotak Mahindra1,741.55-1.021,997.551,631.00345,948.83
HCL Tech1,114.650.421,215.00877.35302,478.68
Asian Paints2,822.00-0.473,582.902,560.00270,685.62
Maruti Suzuki8,740.05-0.769,769.006,536.55264,019.48
Axis Bank848.20-0.75970.00618.25260,914.54
Avenue Supermar3,558.000.364,609.003,186.00230,478.24

How do companies get listed on BSE and NSE?

Companies can get listed on BSE and NSE through IPO.

IPO is a process by which companies can raise money by selling shares to the public. It is also a way for companies to get listed on stock exchanges, such as BSE and NSE.

Companies that wish to float their shares on the stock exchanges, need to file documents with the concerned authorities. Once all formalities are complete, the company will be allowed to go public at a fixed price set by its promoters or board of directors.

Companies can be listed on stock exchanges through various ways.

Companies can be listed on stock exchanges through various ways.

The first way is to offer shares in your company to the public. This will allow you to get investors and funding for your business, recognition from potential customers and shareholders, as well as publicity for your business.

The second way is by selling shares directly with other private investors rather than offering them through an exchange platform like NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). You’ll need a private placement memorandum (PPM) which explains why you need money and what type of security it will be offered against at this point in time – such as cash or stock.*

How can learn about stocks and shares?(online courses)

Study about stock and share market are very easy, only just need a proper guidance and a mentor who advises and helps with experience, tell you about technical methods and important keys of shares and stock market.

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