Income source for students (2023)

Income, arriving of money by doing something or a increasing of assets that’s called income. For example if you spend money in a share market and buy a share in a $10 after you sell them in $11, the $1 is your profitable money that you gain by selling a share. OR

IF you give your time to someone or on something and make them profitable, in return you paid by them.

Income source for students (2023)

Here is the exciting and easiest technique or sources for you, everyone can earn around $700 to $800 everyday in two to three hours of working in a day.

And as a student it is the biggest opportunity for you during study of becoming financial free.

7 online websites for income.

  1. Taskverse:- If you don’t know any skills then this website for you, you can easily earn by completing some tasks also you can decide your tasks according to your interests and you easily can make $100 to $500 a day.
  2. Fiverr:- If you have a skill then this website for you. Here you can earn around $1000 a day by using skills. check the list:-

3. this is the content writing platform, if you know the data entry and blog writing then this website for you, this website pay you for 1500 words blog is around $500.

4. this website pay for transcribing of lyrics.

5. brave rewards:- this website pay for just browsing the internet, in payment it gives crypto coins or gift cards.

6. If you have knowledge of English then you can login on this page and can teach people English and can earn good amount of money.

7. Try my UI:- this is the website where you can review the websites and apps and per review you will get $10.

how can create multiple sources of income?

Multiple sources of income will come through by doing multiple task/work then you can generate multiple income ex:- A person is receiving income from several residual or passive income streams at once.

If you want to create multiple sources of income you can do your job, as well as can create video, can make your own website and also can invest in shares.

skills for students to earn money.

I will tell you the highest earning skills. whose demand in all over markets in the world. Now days who have skills that can give you lots of opportunity, you can earn just by doing a small work and they will pay as you want according to work, here is no need of full time or dropping of study and etc.

most people use their skills as a side income and they also affectively work for their goals and it doesn’t effect in their other works and make their money double. skills you must develop in yourself:-

  • communication skill
  • graphics design
  • video editing
  • programming
  • creating pitch decks
  • marketing
  • working in team

work on that skills, start learning from today and make your life great as a student.

5 passive income ideas 2023.

Short definition:- passive income is unearned income that is acquired automatically with minimal labor to earn and maintain. Passive income sources:-

1]. Affiliate marketing:- biggest get rich quick scheme that is affiliate marketing. let’s understand in a simple way.

Income source for students (2023)

Easiest process to understand affiliate marketing.

IT is most usable and most effective way of earning as a students online. you just need a website / you tube channel and you can put the affiliate link on your website or in you tube videos and when people visit your site.

And after visitors buy through your affiliate link that you put in your site or a videos then you will get payment as a commission and you can earn more than $5000 in a month by affiliating and it can become your passive income.

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2]. E Book:- If you have knowledge about a particular subject or a particular skill ,you can teach to the people with the help of E-Book and you have a story to tell, you can create a book by using E-Book, it’s very easy to use and you start with basics and after writing you can structure with that and you can create chapter with that.

And once you have book read you can publish direct with KDP (kindle direct publish), this website attached with AMAZONE . All process are completely free doesn’t takes any charges. You can visit and can upload your own pdf on amazon.

3]. investing in stocks:- stocks market is the money making source globally and people getting rich by just investing. If you are a student you can start investing to your pocket money, after that you sleep and money work for you and in market some dividend stocks are available in stock market which give a percentage cut as a dividend and your shares price also will be growing. so choose your sticks and start investing and make money passively.

here is the list of best dividend paying stocks.

4]. selling courses:- you can make money passively by selling courses like if you have particular knowledge about subject, If you know any skills and many more you can make your own course and after making you can publish it on these sites:- UDEMY, TEACHABLE and many more sites are available. once you made your courses after that you have just focus on marketing, and people automatically come on your site and they will perches your course.

lots of people making in crores just by selling his courses and after publishing they just passively earning.

5]. Create you tube Video:- If you are thinking it’s not a source of passive income then i wanna tell you this is the biggest source of passive income. I will tell you how?

Fist you just need to create a you tube channel and you can make videos on it as you want and you can make 4 to 5 videos in a month it just take your 2 to 4 hour a day and after uploading you can generate income continuously around 4 to 5 years and also as long as people wants, but after monetization.

How can make money as a full time student?

If you don’t have much time as a student and you wants to earn side by side, you can go with the passive incomes, once it took your a bunch of time after that you will free and automatically money comes in your bank account.

you can invest in stock market, mutual fund and also Affiliate marketing. These are best options for students. and can earn a good amount of money without doing anything.

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    3. At the beginning, I was still puzzled. Since I read your article, I have been very impressed. It has provided a lot of innovative ideas for my thesis related to Thank u. But I still have some doubts, can you help me? Thanks.

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